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I am a sole proprietor who believes in going the extra mile.

I offer an admin service as well as Payroll and Accounting.

I also offer a service to other accounting companies converting old Bank statements in pdf to a csv file according to their accounting software specifications for import.


I believe in going the extra mile for my customers. I offer the below services and aim to work hard and smart to make your life easier. Contact me to get started today!



Bookkeeping converts all your business transactions and documents to financial data in an accounting system, e.g. invoices, receipts, payroll, expenses etc.
Ronelle Lombard transforms your bookkeeping into a process with flow, accuracy, automation and joy. by using Sage Cloud accounting software. You will be able to log in from anywhere to check the current status of your company. You will be able to do your invoicing from your phone or by just contacting me.



All payroll and HR duties incl. IRP5 annually and bi annually submissions. Leave manangement. and much more. Payroll software used is PAYSPACE once again the client will be able to log in with their credentials any place, anytime. to check on their employees leave ect.






Office Administration

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Outsource Admin Services

Time is all we have. We have to use it well and not get bogged down by work we don’t have to do. Like admin… Outsource your admin so you can focus on reaching your targets.

Outsourcing to Ronelle Lombard's will free up your most valuable resource, your time. Time consuming, repetitive tasks can be given to your reliable personal aide leaving you free to focus on what you do best. Ronelle Lombard services can also prevent you from forgetting regular tasks and deadlines, making your operation more efficient and more effective.

  • What Value Can We Add?

    We will do all your administration work.
    Plan, manage, schedule your travel and get you the best deals available.
    Assist with all back office admin.
    You will get your time back and improve your work/life balance.

  • Customer service through email, or phone.
    Organising email inboxes.
    Calendar maintenance.
    Data Entry.
    Creating Power Point Presentations.
    Ordering Supplies.
    Sending gifts and Thank You's to clients.
    Writing job listings.
    Arranging interviews.
    Client onboarding tasks like responding to emails and sending invoices and contracts.
    Travel Arrangements.
    Form preparation.
    Running Errands.



No 4, Royal Oak, Duke of York Drive, Northcliff, Randburg


071 364 9656